1/18/24: The News You Can Use Update
I edited my About section so that it has information in it.
Added a review of Calvin Klein Reveal to Perfume.

12/11/23: Added a review of Escada Candy Love to Perfume.

8/29/23: Added Hail The Robot to Miscellany.

7/31/23: The Web Design Is My Passion, But Unironically Update
I've leveled up my CSS! The appearance of many pages has been improved. This mostly affected recipes, so to celebrate, I added more of those.

7/29/23: Added a review of Viktor+Rolf Flowerbomb to Perfume.

5/24/23: Added a review of Harajuku Lovers G to Perfume.

5/24/23: Added a review of Boucheron Serpent Bohème to Perfume.

8/16/22: The Half Baked Update
I have a custom URL now!
Added a review of Lush Amelie Mae to Perfume.
I forgot to mention this but I added recipes like a month ago.

6/18/22: Added a review of Giorgio Red to Perfume.

4/7/22: Added a review of Boucheron Trouble to Perfume.

2/21/22: Added a review of a Hello Kitty perfume pendant to Perfume.

1/23/22: Added a review of Contina Ambrelia to Perfume.

1/9/22: The Named After Glue For A Reason Update
Miscellany's broken display is now fixed.
Added 'A Little Bit About Naloxone' to Miscellany.

12/9/21: Added a review of Chanel Gabrielle to Perfume.

12/1/21: Added a review of Elizabeth Arden Always Red Femme to Perfume.

9/13/21: Added a review of Kate Spade Walk On Air to Perfume.

7/7/21: Added a review of Ungaro Diva to Perfume.

3/23/21: The Web Design Is My Passion Update
I've leveled up my HTML! Gallery indexes now display (mostly) evenly.
Added a review of Smell Bent Gardenia Oud to Perfume.

2/25/21: The Invisible Hand of the Markup Update
I've leveled up my HTML! Gallery pages now look nicer.

1/24/21: Added a review of Axe Marine to Perfume.

1/12/21: Added a review of Mugler Aura to Perfume.

12/17/20: Added a review of
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture to Perfume.

12/7/20: Added a review of Revlon Charlie Red to Perfume.

11/12/20: Added a review of
Bath and Body Works Whipped Vanilla Chiffon to Perfume.

11/5/20: Added 'You Can't Hide From The Ride' to Miscellany.

10/12/20: The Historywoman Update
Added a review of Guerlain Shalimar to Perfume.
Added dates to pages where known or approximable so you
don't have to visit this page to know when I wrote things.

9/29/20: Added a review of Britney Spears Curious In Control to Perfume.

9/16/20: Added a review of Dana Fetish to Perfume.

8/30/20: The Overdue Update
Added 'About Cuties' to Miscellany.

5/25/20: Added a review of Sheraton's Le Grand Bain collection to Perfume.

4/20/20: The BLAZE IT Update
Opened Miscellany section.
Added 'A Fencer's Guide to C19' to Miscellany.
Started tracking updates in History.